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    Migraine Gene Discoveries

    The International Headache Genetics Consortium published its research paper on "Finding the Gene for Common Migraines" explaining that the underlining cause of common migraines can be traced to a gene. Not only is this news important in the advancement of migraine research in general, but closer to home, it reaffirms the premise of our research at Tuliv that we had released several years ago.

    Tuliv (then known as Christian Body Migraine Research Foundation) started researching migraines in late 2001 and by 2005 had concluded that a gene to be found within the DNA of the mitochondria of specialized cells is the genetic cause of migraines.

    We went on to state that these cells play a role in the production of a chemical that invokes the migraine attack. The findings of our combined research became the basis for the development of the Tuliv Migraine Defense product for the prevention of migraines.

    Genes, of course, point to inherited properties of the body. One may inherit blue eyes, for example, or hemophilia that impairs the body's ability to control blood clotting. We have found that genetic migraines are most often seen in a mother-child relationship. In fact, the first genes identified for the migraine condition were found for a type of migraines called "familial migraines."

    You may be wondering how this discovery will help you. When it comes to inherited conditions, those related to the make-up of the DNA, there are no solutions available today that would alter the DNA or modify the gene to eliminate the condition. However, by better understanding what is happening in the body or as we like to say, the true cause of migraines, science and medical care can take new approaches in developing prevention solutions that more closely focus on the source of the problem rather than continuing to only seek ways to address the symptoms.

    Our challenge to educate those involved with migraines as to the real cause of migraine continues in order to help develop more natural migraine prevention treatments. In some ways, this flies in the face of the notion that migraines are caused by a malfunction of the brain which has propelled such anti-seizer drugs as Topamax into the forefront of migraine therapy.

    The bottom line is that this research is good for you. It may help provide the direction and guidance for future studies that someday may provide an actual cure or dominant solution to bring about a complete end to migraine suffering.

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