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    Looking Tan Can Be a Real Headache for Migraine Sufferers

    Many people today who don't have the time or inclination to actually get a tan in the sun will turn to artificial methods to get that tanned look. Tanning beds, booths, and spray tan systems have been popular for quite some time. Another "tanning" method is to use a sunless self-tanning product.

    Using a self-tanning lotion is generally not a problem for most people. However, for those suffering from migraines, it can be a totally different experience. Very often in less than 24 hours of use, these products can produce extreme headaches for migraineurs.

    Since these headaches generally start several hours after applying the self-tanning lotion, many migraineurs may not be making the connection between the two events.

    Our research discovered that some of these products contain a specific amino acid that we have identified as problematic for migraines, namely L-tyrosine. L-tyrosine is used in self-tanning products because it helps produce melanin which is the dark pigment in the skin. Unfortunately, elevating tyrosine in the body results in migraines.

    If you are a migraine sufferer, the next time you think about tanning without the sun, ask yourself, is this worth the pain of a headache?

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