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Eileen Walsh
"One of these sisters - Eileen Walsh - spent 43 years suffering from migraines before her husband and neuro-endrocrinologist created Tuliv Migraine Defense to end to her chronic migraines. Now both sisters have something to smile about each day - and so will you - or your money back."

Tuliv Migraine Defense

  • Your migraines go away - Tuliv Migraine Defense was developed for the prevention of migraines – after spending years in research to uncover the biological cause of migraine, our researchers and doctors discovered the best way to prevent migraines was to stimulate the body’s own defense system to stop migraines
  • Your migraine problems disappear - Our approach of a unique nutraceutical formula designed to prevent migraines by keeping the migraine generating chemical CGRP from being formed in the body stops migraines from starting and ends the problems you suffer from when they occur – i.e. Migraine Defense builds a natural defense against migraines.
  • Your body feels better - Migraine Defense works in a safe and effective manner and can begin to work even while other migraine medicines are still being used. There is no need to stop your current treatment in order to start Migraine Defense since it works uniquely different than all other remedies. 
  • Works for you no matter your age or sex - Migraine Defense is for both men and women and is safe for children over the age of 12. No matter how much you are now suffering, Migraine Defense is the solution that can provide you with a migraine-free life.
  • You are never alone - When you order, you get complete access to our migraine consulting service at no cost (phone or email) and a personal profile to provide you with a program that is custom fit to your condition and migraine pattern.
  • If you are wondering how well Tuliv Migraine Defense will work for you, click here.
  • Think About These Things

    • How many more days, weeks and years do you want to suffer from migraines?
    • If your insurance is paying for migraine drugs and treatments that don't prevent your migraine, then who is paying the price of the pain you suffer.
    • There is nothing more important than being pain-free - no matter what the cost.
    • You want to be pain-free, so there should be nothing to keep you from learning more about this solution and ordering it today to make your life better? It has a money-back guaranteed to work for you as it is for thousands who have ordered before you.

    Migraine Defense Will Work For You Even When Other Migraine Treatments Fail

    Topamax, Botox and Other Types of Remedies Often Fail to Perform Well

    It was once thought that things like feverfew, butterbur and magnesium could be the answer and yet these migraine support formulas have failed to address the source of the problem and only temporally work on the symptoms of migraines like taking an aspirin each day to ward off a headache. 

    Grand mal epileptic seizure treatment drugs such as Topamax have become popular in attempts to use them for the prevention of migraines and even though they are slightly effective, their known side effects can be very problematic for those who use these drugs.

    Botox was supposed to be the next best thing for migraines but Botox has also fallen far short of hitting the mark as recent studies have shown the poor performance as indicated by a less than a 5% success rate. This is believed to be the most expensive (for the patient) failure in migraine prevention.

    Migraine Defense

    The introduction of  Migraine Defense brought about a new and unique approach to the prevention of migraines by focusing on the root cause of the migraine rather than just trying to address the pain in the head as do all other types of remedies.

    The approach used by Migraine Defense is to prevent the migraine from occurring by stopping migraine causing chemicals from being secreted into the blood stream. This method has a much higher efficacy rate as well as a continuous effect that can handle more diverse triggers

    The purpose of Migraine Defense is to build a defense in the body to keep the migraine syndrome from causing headaches in the first place (long before the chemical process can reach the head). 

    Doctors Recommend and Use Migraine Defense for Migraine Headache Prevention

    Since doctors realize that prescription medications are failing to prevent migraines, many are now recommending Tuliv Migraine Defense to their patients as the best course of action in migraine prevention. Dr. Sallee writes, "I would much rather recommend Tuliv Migraine Defense to my patients than prescribe Topamax."

    Doctors who get migraines, as well as members of their own families have turned to Tuliv Migraine Defense as their way to prevent them. Today thousands of men, women, and children enjoy a migraine-free life with Tuliv Migraine Defense. Read more about how Tuliv Migraine Defense has helped doctors and others on our Testimonials page.

    Five Reasons to Choose Migraine Defense

    1. Dependable. Thousands of people depend on Migraine Defense each day to be able to work, take care of their families, go to school, and enjoy life. Tuliv Migraine Defense has a ten year track record of success that you can trust.

    2. Research. Tuliv Migraine Defense is the result of an extensive migraine research project to identify how and why migraines occur, including genetics, hormone sources, patterns, physical conditions and chemical reactions that are the cause of migraines. 
    3. Natural.  Tuliv Migraine Defense is an all natural formula (nutraceutical) that allows the body to build a natural defense against the conditions that cause and trigger migraines. This safe and healthy approach solves the problem without causing any side effects to you.

    4. Safe and FDA Regulated. The ingredients used in Migraine Defense have each been independently approved by the FDA as safe for use in herbal medications and dietary supplements. Migraine Defense is formulated and packaged in the United States in a pharmaceutical quality lab that is inspected, regulated, and certified by the FDA. 

    5. Fast Acting. Taken daily, the first goal of Migraine Defense is to break your current migraine cycle, including rebound headaches, and then build a strong natural defense against migraines that you can depend on. Although Migraine Defense doesn't promise next day miracles, you should order the Migraine Defense Six-week Starter Kit now and look for signs of improvement within a few weeks.

    Migraine Defense Starter Kit

    Migraine Defense in Action - A Few Short Weeks to Success

    The best way to get started toward a migraine-free life is by ordering our Migraine Defense Six-week Starter Package. Your starter kit includes a six week supply of Tuliv Migraine Defense plus a free bottle of Tuliv MD-Up, diary, online access to Your Own Migraine Profile as well as personalized consulting.

    During the first two weeks Migraine Defense produces the building blocks in your system that will protect you against migraines. Although during this time you may start to see early signs of Migraine Defense starting to work in preventing your migraines, the process generally takes a few weeks before achieving noticeable results. Be patient, because during weeks three and four you should really begin to realize how well Migraine Defense is working to reduce and prevent your migraines.

    Signs of Migraine Defense working that lead to success include headaches of shorter duration or less severe, headaches that seem to be forming but don't happen, your migraine abortive drugs (triptans) working faster, no headache on days when you would expect one, and of course longer stretches of no more headaches. 

    By the end of the sixth week, we guarantee you will be happy with the difference Migraine Defense is making in your life.

    Enjoy Life Again

    There is no reason for you to continue to suffer.

    You can be migraine-free for less than two dollars a day. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can enjoy life again. 

    Choose a better life. Choose Tuliv. Order Migraine Defense now.

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